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extraordinary entertaining
Outdoor Party

For most homeowners, patios are much more than a simple concrete square in the yard. They’re an extension of the home, an outdoor living room that can serve as the perfect place to entertain family and friends. When designing a new brick patio or stone patio, there are number of considerations.

Raised stone patios are an excellent alternative to wood decking. You can select from a variety of materials, including natural stone, clay pavers, and concrete pavers. In Illinois, where we have to contend with freeze and thaw cycles, Unilock concrete pavers may be the most practical alternative, as they’re virtually maintenance free. We will address those questions and assure the result is as functional as it is pleasing to the eye.


When a home has a pool, you can guarantee that it will be used for entertainment purposes. Children’s birthday parties, adult gatherings, even romantic nights under the full moon can be enjoyed by the pool. Pool homes are the quickest moving homes, even in a slow market. The pool area can be greatly enhanced by adding professional stone work to the surrounding area.

Deck areas can be created, sitting areas can be added, and for those who desire to give their pool area a unique and artistic appearance, even a stone waterfall can be installed. Pool areas that have been decorated in professional decorative stone work increase the value of the property. Home owners who opt to make this type of improvement to their home will be greatly rewarded when it is time to sell the home.

outdoor kitchen

Kitchens are a classic hub of activity in every home. But when you take that kitchen outdoors, it becomes a the heart and soul of any gathering. Even the most discerning of grill masters will stand in awe of a station wrapped in natural stone.

Even the novice chef will feel as if they’re hosting their own cooking show when they prepare a meal in a gourmet outdoor kitchen. Complete with sinks, refrigerators, and burners, parties of 5 or 500 will be well-fed. And when that unmistakable scent of summertime grilling fills the air, you turn even the most humble of Saturday lunches into memorable occasions. 

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