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stonework after 20 years

20 Years Later

This driveway in Long Grove survived 20 years of Chicago winters, went vacant in foreclosure for 5 years. Finally after foreclosure the new owners, needed a new driveway. We salvaged the old neglected brick and reinstalled it with a different border detail, Brussels Block and...

low quality hardscape

Beware the Water

Over the years We have estimated and designed many projects. Some of them we get and some of them we don't. Such is life.   But a contractor that doesn't have the skills to perform his trade properly, should not be in a position to estimate or...

spring construction

Spring is Here!

SPRING IS HERE!! CALL TO GET STARTED ON YOUR NEXT PROJECT.     New construction in Wadsworth IL. Stone veneer on the home and new stone fireplace....

Putting of stone repairs

Better to Wait?

We are removing an old raised patio in Inverness IL that was constructed 8 yrs ago. The homeowner paid roughly 10k for this raised Unilock paver patio. He called us for a repair stating the contractor that installed the patio would not return his phone...