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Beware the Water

low quality hardscape

Beware the Water

Over the years We have estimated and designed many projects. Some of them we get and some of them we don’t. Such is life.


But a contractor that doesn’t have the skills to perform his trade properly, should not be in a position to estimate or even compete in the marketplace. “But he’s cheap”


Homeowners, buyers of new, and old homes…beware.


Think of your kitchen ….would you hire someone to perform less than average work because they were cheap? If the doors fell off the cabinets after 2 years, it would get around fast and no more contractor. Why in the world would you hire someone to do that to the front of your house? It seems lately I’ve seen some really poor work and it’s frustrating to see homeowners throwing their money away “to save money”. If you want to save money, do yourself a favor and save your money.


example of cheap stonework

What is this? A stone stoop?


Low Quality Stone Steppers and retaining wall

Flagstone steppers u wanted? Stone slab steps, precast retaining wall. all garbage. This all needs to be redone.


poorly done exterior stone

Look at the stone on the house. The patio Hardscape area cheapens it. It’s horrible and this is what people are paying for? I don’t think one homeowner would want this “quality work” at their home.

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